There was little change with the ruling Democratic Rally (DISY) narrowly beating the left AKEL party but both returning 2 MEPs. 

The Democratic Party jumped from 1 to 2 seats, with the Socialists EDEK losing its seat.

The main story of the night was the election of the first Turkish Cypriot MEP for AKEL.

EPP (1 MEPs)

Lefteris Christoforou  MEP will head the list again.

S&D (2 MEPs)

Demetris Papadakis MEP is standing again

GUE (2 MEPs)

Georgiou K. Georgiou will head the list

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Μάθετε πως η Isabel από το Κάμπο ντε Πάλος, Ισπανία, κράτησε την επιχείρησή της ζωντανή χάρη στη βοήθεια που έλαβε από την ΕΕ.


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