The big losers in the EP elections look like being the Liberals, with both the Flemish (VLD) and French (MR) set to lose a seat each.


MR have chosen Olivier Chastel to head the list.  Frédérique Ries will take 2nd place.

3rd place goes to Nicolas Barnier, son of the Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier. He is supported by the pro-Macron centre-right party, Agir, but failed to find a winnable place on the LREM/Renaissance list in France. The choice adds weight to supporters of transnational lists.

Louis Michel, former Commissioner, has announced his retirement from politics.


Open VLD has presented its European list headed as usual by Guy Verhofstadt but with a strong contingent of female candidates. Not only are the 2nd and 3rd place taken by women but the list is “pushed” by Lynn Wesenbeek, news anchor on Kanaal Z who founded the Belgian Federation of Robotics. The “successor list” is pushed by another high profile woman, Neelie Kroes, the former Dutch Commissioner for Competition policy and the Digital Agenda.

  1. Guy Verhofstadt
  2. Hilde Vautmans: current MEP and expert in migration, foreign policy and defence
  3. Alecja Gescinska : a Polish-Belgian philosopher
  4. Lard Vanobbergen : entrepreneur and climate expert from East Flanders, working with companies to make the transition to sustainable energy
  5. Hans Maes : current president of jong Open VLD from Antwerp

MEP Lieve Wierinck is only in 11th place.

First successor goes to Eva De Bleeker, a European Commission official in trade and energy, and 2nd successor is also a former Commission official, Vincent Stuer, who was speech writer to President Barroso and Commissioner De Gucht. He currently works for the D66 in the European Parliament.