A coalition of Liberal parties called the Amsterdam coalition will be led by Valter Flego with Jozo Rados in 2nd place.

Amsterdam Coalition
Valter Flego
Jozo Radoš
Zoran Bahtijarević
Silvano Hrelja
Tea Mičić Badurina
Marina Gradišer
Diana Topčić-Rosenberg
Damir Novotny
Mira Morović
Damir Jurić
Krešo Beljak
Anka Mrak Taritaš

HNS – Croatian People’s Party – Liberal Democrats

Current MEPs: none, former HNS MEP Jozo Rados[1] joined the new liberal party GLAS, founded after HNS entered the governing coalition with centre-right HDZ

  • Party forming the governing coalition with HDZ; after the third largest party in Croatian parliament, MOST, left the governing coalition in April 2016, HNS became one of the governing parties
  • The only HNS member in the EP Jozo Rados, left the party to join GLAS
  • It is not likely that HDZ and HNS will form a joint electoral coalition since they aim to target different groups of voters
  • According to CroElecto poll, only 0.82% of voters support the party


MOST – Bridge of Independent Lists

Current MEPs: none – head of list Božo Petrov – founder of party and former Parliament Speaker

  • The third largest party in the Croatian Parliament
  • Developed as a regionalist independent platform opposing the two largest parties in Croatia HDZ and SDP, promoting a strong reformist agenda
  • However, formed coalition with HDZ twice, after the parliamentary elections in 2015 and in 2016
  • After internal disputes MOST left the coalition in April 2016, becoming an opposition party
  • According to CroElecto they are the fourth most popular party in Croatia (6.14%)
  • Topics they will focus on: EU funding, agricultural policy, migrations


Božo Petrov – founder of party and former Parliament Speaker
Sonja Čikotić
Ivan Prskalo
Ines Strenja
Ružica Vukovac
Robert Podolnjak
Ljubica Ambrušec
Nizar Shoukri
Ivan Bekavac
Mato Tomljanović
Ivan Matić
Miro Bulj

Liberal Coalition of Parties – GLAS, IDS, PAMETNO

Current MEPs: Jozo Rados (GLAS), Ivan Jakovcic (IDS)

  • Media speculate that HNS might be part of the liberal parties’ coalition that would include regional Istrian party IDS, and PAMETNO
  • IDS MEP Ivan Jakovcic is expected to run for another term in the EP
  • Anka Mrak Taritas from GLAS mentioned as possible name on the list
  • Focus: emphasize importance of European elections in Croatia, advocate for more European values in Croatia, ensuring that young people remain in Croatia instead of moving to other countries

Matija Posavec
Tome Antičić
Ivana Nikolić Popović
Ruža Kovačević Bilić
Davor Nađi
Nataša Gabričević
Habib Tahiri
Kristina Bulešić
Alen Leverić
Morana Jokić
Tomislav Stojak
Stjepan Čuraj