The FDP have elected Nicola Beer to head its list, with the party hoping to see its number of MEPs rise from 3 to 8, with it currently receiving 8-9% in the polls. Beer has been Secretary General of the FDP since 2013 and has been State Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs in Hessen

The FDP programme positions it as a pro-European force that defends the EU as a community of values and not just an economic union. It wants to make the EU leaner, calling for the number of Commissioners to be reduced to 18, and end to the “travelling circus” between Brussels and Strasbourg and the abolition of the European Economic and Social Committee. One other eye-catching initiative is to make free movement of education a 5th freedom – everyone should have the right to take up education and training in another EU country.

The list does not include any of the 3 sitting MEPs – Nadja Hirsch, Wolf Klinz and Gesine Meissner.


Spitzenkandidatin: Nicola Beer (Hessen), 85,98 Prozent

Listenplatz 2: Svenja Ilona Hahn (Hamburg), 72,73 Prozent

Listenplatz 3: Andreas Glück (Baden-Württemberg), 89,48 Prozent

Listenplatz 4: Moritz Körner (Nordrhein-Westfalen), 91,03 Prozent

Listenplatz 5: Jan-Christoph Oetjen (Niedersachsen), 93,40 Prozent

Listenplatz 6: Dr. Thorsten Lieb (Hessen), 75,90 Prozent

Listenplatz 7: Robert-Martin Montag (Thüringen), 88,32 Prozent

Listenplatz 8: Michael Kauch (Nordrhein-Westfalen), 67,72 Prozent

Listenplatz 9: Marcus Scheuren (Rheinland-Pfalz), 60,13 Prozent

Listenplatz 10: Nicole Büttner-Thiel (Baden-Württemberg), 92,02 Prozent

Listenplatz 11: Phil Hackemann (Bayern), 83,74 Prozent

Listenplatz 12: Carl Grouwet (Berlin), 56,01 Prozent

Listenplatz 13: Dr. Michael Terwiesche (Nordrhein-Westfalen), 63,31 Prozent

Listenplatz 14: Roland König (Saarland), 55,08 Prozent

Listenplatz 15: Tina de Meeûs d’Argenteuil (Auslandsgruppe Europa), 93,06 Prozent


Freie Wähler

Ulrike Müller MEP will again head the list for the party which did well in the Bavarian regional elections and is in coalition with the CSU.

Freie Wähler
Ulrike Müller MEP
Engin Eroglu
Stephan Wefelscheid
Bernd Barutta
Cornelia Birkner
Harald Klix
Annette Walter-Kilian


The 4th German MEP who sits in ALDE is Ulrike Muller from the Bavarian Freie Wahler (Free Voters) party. They did well in the October Bavarian elections, winning 11.6% of the vote and becoming junior coalition partner for the CSU.