ALDE are the junior coalition partner in the Socialist led government and coming under increasing pressure from their European ALDE family group in the EP for their stance on the fight against corruption and defence of European values. There was talk of running on a joint list with PSD but that appears to have been dropped.

ALDE have played safe and gone with MEPs Norica Nicolai and Renate Weber, both former members of PNL, with Daniel Barbu, former President of AEP in 2nd place.

ALDE list:

  1. Norica Nicolai (MEP ALDE)
  2. Daniel Barbu (former president AEP)
  3. Renate Weber (MEP ALDE)
  4. Ovidiu Silaghi (former Transport Minister)
  5. Varujan Vosganian (vice president ALDE)
  6. Andrei Gerea (Chairman of Chamber of Deputies)
  7. Radu Silaghi (Professor Universitatea Babeș Boyai)
  8. Eusebiu Pistru (leader ALDE in the Arad region )
  9. Horia Victor Toma (former mayor Ploieștiului
  10. Tudor Ionescu (member of TLDE)