Ciudadanos with 7 MEPs (2.7M votes and 12.2%) is in 3rd place,  led by Luis Garicano, the orange party’s economic guru. Five years ago, the party headed by Albert Rivera got 2 MEPs (496,000 votes, 3.17%). In comparison to the general elections, it has experienced a decrease of almost 4 points, given that on the 28A it managed to get the votes of 4.1 million Spaniards (15.86%). Albert Rivera, once again, failed to achieve the long-awaited sorpasso over the PP .

Ciudadanos (returning MEPs in italics)

  1. Luis Garicano Gabilondo.
  2. M.ª Teresa Pagazaurtundúa Ruiz(Independiente).
  3. M.ª Soraya Rodríguez Ramos(Independiente).
  4. 4. Javier Nart Peñalver.
  5. Jose Ramón Bauza Díaz(Independiente).
  6. Jordi Cañas Pérez.
  7. Susana Solís Pérez