EPP (8 seats) down 12


Les Républicains” (LR) had a bad night, with only 8 seats 


  1. François-Xavier Bellamy, conseiller municipal à Versailles
  2. Agnès Evren, vice-présidente de la région Ile-de-France
  3. Arnaud Danjean, eurodéputé
  4. Nadine Morano, eurodéputée
  5. Brice Hortefeux, eurodéputé
  6. Réservée à une femme issue du mouvement Les Centristes
  7. Geoffroy Didier, eurodéputé
  8. Anne Sander, eurodéputée


Former MEPs Franck Proust, Alain Cadec and Angélique Delahaye all lost out due to the bad result.

Michel Dantin, Rachida Dati, Philippe Juvin and Alain Lamassoure  had already stood down.

ENF (22 MEPs


RN won the election and have 22 MEPs elected.

1 Jordan BARDELLA – Conseiller régional, Île-de-France
2 Hélène LAPORTE – Juriste, Conseillère régionale, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
3 Thierry MARIANI – Ancien Ministre, ancien Député de Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
4 Dominique BILDE – Commerçante, Député au Parlement européen, Grand Est
5 Hervé JUVIN – Economiste et essayiste, spécialiste des questions écologiques, Île-de-France
6 Joëlle MELIN – Médecin, Député au Parlement européen, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
7 Nicolas BAY – Coprésident du groupe ENL au Parlement européen, Normandie
8 Virginie JORON – Cadre dans les assurances, Conseillère régionale Grand Est
9 Jean-Paul GARRAUD – Magistrat, ancien Député de Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
10 Catherine GRISET – Chef de cabinet de Marine Le Pen, Île-de-France
11 Gilles LEBRETON – Professeur d’université, Député au Parlement européen, Normandie
12 Maxette PIRBAKAS-GRISONI – Agricultrice, Syndicaliste agricole, Guadeloupe
13 Jean-François JALKH – Député au Parlement européen, Île-de-France
14 Aurélia BEIGNEUX – Adjointe au Maire d’Hénin-Beaumont, Conseillère départementale, Hauts-de-France
15 Gilbert COLLARD – Avocat, Député du Gard, Occitanie
16 Julie LECHANTEUX – Adjointe au Maire de Fréjus, Conseillère départementale, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
17 Philippe OLIVIER – Conseiller spécial de Marine Le Pen, Hauts-de-France
18 Annika BRUNA – Assistante parlementaire, Île-de-France
19 Jérôme RIVIÈRE – Chef d’entreprise, ancien Député des Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
20 France JAMET – Député au Parlement européen, Occitanie
21 André ROUGÉ – Ancien collaborateur ministériel pour l’Outre-mer, Île-de-France
22 Mathilde ANDROUËT – Conseillère régionale, Île-de-France

In reserve following Brexit
23 Jean-Lin LACAPELLE – Ancien directeur commercial, Conseiller régional, Île-de-France



Centre party

The Centre Party has nominated their first set of candidates in November. Current MEP’s Elsi Katainen and Mirja Vehkaperä are standing again but Anneli Jäätteenmäki is leaving the parliament and won’t stand again.

MEP Paavo Väyrynen left EP to continue his work in the Finnish Parliament. Former MEP Hannu Takkula was elected as a Member of the EU Court of Auditors in November.

Other candidates are the Centre Party’s longtime MP and former Minister Mauri Pekkarinen, MP Pekka Puska, the chair of the city board of the Kaajani Teuvo Hatva and Politician’s assistants Janne Kaisanlahti and Anna Sirkiä. Also the Member of the Board of the Centre Party Annina Ruottu, Principal Legal Counsel at European Central Bank Petra Schulze Steinen, Director Raul Kajak, student Juho KekäläinenExecutive director of Finnish Centre Youth in Helsinki Azaize Miikkael, Special Adviser to the Minister for the Environment Riku Eskelinen, entrepreneur Jari Karhu, editor-in-chief Jouni Kemppainen, nurse Susanna Kisner, midwife Maritta Mynttinen, chairperson of Finnish Centre Youth Suvi Mäkeläinen, executive director of The Finnish Reservists’ Association Olli Nyberg, and student Oliver Pietilä are going to stand for candidacy.

Centre Party (Kesk.)

Elsi Katainen, MEP

Mirja Vehkaperä, MEP

Mauri Pekkarinen

Pekka Puska

Teuvo Hatva

Janne Kaisanlahti

Raul Kajak

Juho Kekäläinen

Annina Ruottu

Petra Schulze Steinen

Anna Sirkiä

Swedish People’s Party (SFP/RKP)

MEP Nils Torvalds is standing for the elections again and his themes are climate policy and the unity of immigration.

Nils Torvalds, MEP

Ida-Maria Skytte – student

Max Schulman – agriculture expert

Anna Jungner-Nordgren – Chair of Women’s division of the party

Björn Bonsdorff – political expert


EPP (3 MEPs)


The National Coalition nominated their first set of candidates in September: The 3 current MEPs representing National Coalition Henna Virkkunen, Sirpa Pietikäinen and Petri Sarvamaa are standing again.

National Coalition Party (KOK)

Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP

Petri Sarvamaa, MEP

Henna Virkkunen, MEP

Aura Salla – the chair of Coalition Party’s Party Council and the Adviser for Communication and Outreach at the European Political Strategy Centre

Kimmo Sasi – former MP and minister

Janika Takatalo – chair of National Coalition’s student union

Paula Aikio-Tallgren – entrepreneur

Hans Adolf Ehrnrooth  – General Staff Officer

Kari Kallonen – the Finnish honorary title of teollisuuneuvos

Jyrki Koivikko – the Finnish honorary title of kouluneuvos

Mikko Ohela – consultant

Tuomas Tikkanen – public relations officer

Pirkko Vihko – Professor

Leena Zittling


Christian Democrats (KD)

The Christian Democrats has nominated their set of candidates. The candidates are nurse Mikko Almgren, pastors Ville Auvinen and Mika Ebeling, Doctor of Philosophy Esa Erävalo, MP and former MEP Sari Essayah, Specialist in child and family policy Sonja Falk, composer Lasse Heikkilä, engineer Matti Heikkinen, Master of Arts Simo Korpela, conservation biologist Jouni Koskela, gerontologist Kitti Kumpulainen, student Miikka-Markus Leskinen, archaeologist Ariel Livson, parliamentary assistant Tapio Luoma-aho, professor Tapio Puolimatka, university teacher Jasmin Pyöriäinen, parliamentary assistant Elsi Ranta, Principal Lecturer Martin Stenberg, pediatric specialist Tiina Tuomela and MP Peter Östman.

Mikko Almgren

Ville Auvinen

Mika Ebeling

Esa Erävalo

Sari Essayah

Sonja Falk

Lasse Heikkilä

Matti Heikkinen

Simo Korpela

Jouni Koskela

Kitti Kumpulainen

Miikka-Markus Leskinen

Ariel Livson

Tapio Luoma-aho

Tapio Puolimatka

Jasmin Pyöriäinen

Elsi Ranta

Martin Stenberg

Tiina Tuomela

Peter Östman

ECR (2 MEPs)


The Finns Party has nominated their candidate:

the Chair of Finns youth league and councillor of the city of Joensuu Asseri Kinnunen, political advisor Olli Kotro and councillor of the city of Kotka Samuli Sibakoff are standing.

Present MEP and the Chair of the Finns Jussi Halla-aho is not going to stand for candidacy.

Another Finns’s MEP Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner is going to stand for candidacy. Other candidates are MP’s Laura Huhtasaari, Minna Reijonen, Teuvo Hakkarainen, Veikko Vallin, Mauri Peltokangas, Mika Raatikainen and Sebastian Tynkkynen, executive director Simo Grönroos, Member of the Committee of the Regions Ilpo Heltimoinen, lawyer Laura Korpinen, lecturer Arto Luukkanen, councillor of the city of Kajaani Minna Partanen, councillor of the city of Vantaa Tanja Vahvelainen, Detective Chief Inspector Mira Nieminen, entrepreneur and agronomist Karri Ollila and Professor Emeritus Matti Virén.


The Blue Reform’s has nominated their set of candidates: production designer Tommi Aalto, entrepreneur Kari Aaltonen, the vice-chair of Blue Reform Tiina Ahva, fire manager Ari Jalonen, educator Pirjo Keronen, naval officer Timo Kiviaho, software tester Lauri Kopo, Police Sergeant Kari Kulmala and textile worker Kaija-Liisa Savolainen.

ECR (2 MEPs)


Brothers of Italy (FdIà

Giorgia Meloni is the leader in all the constituencies. The list of candidates includes MPs Carlo Fidanza, Marcello Gemmato and Carolina Varchi, and Senators Daniela Santanchè and Raffaele Stancanelli.

Among the MEPs elected in the last legislature with Forza Italia and now candidates with Fratelli d’Italia, Elisabetta Gardini, Raffaele Fitto and Stefano Maullu stand out, while among the celebrities who have accepted to run for the next EP term, there are: sociologist Francesco Alberoni and Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini, great-grandson of Benito Mussolini.

The party leader, Meloni, announced in November an alliance with the ECR group.

Raffaele Fitto, who was  elected in 2014 for the Conservatori e Riformisti party, will now stand for the far-right Fratelli d’Italia party.

Stefano Maullu, a member of Fratelli d’Italia, left the EPP on 11 December to join Fitto and Remo Sernagiotto in the ECR

Fratelli d’Italia hope to hold onto 4 seats but will need to pass the 4% threshold.



– Giorgia Meloni
– Sergio Antonio Berlatto
– Cristian Bolzonella
– Luca Ciriani
– Renata Dal Fiume
– Isabella Dotto
– Michele Facci
– Elisabetta Gardini
– Francesca Gerosa
– Giulia Manzan
– Massimo Mariotti
– Fabio Pietrella
– Maria Cristina Sandrin
– Remo Serriagiotto
– Gianfranco Stella
– Giorgia Meloni
– Francesco Alberoni
– Giovanni Berrino
– Fabrizio Bertot
– Ubaldo Emilio Borchi
– Marina Chiarelli
– Novella Ferrini
– Carlo Fidanza
– Pietro Fiocchi
– Daniela Garnero Santanché
– Agostino Ghiglia
– Rosaria Lombardi
– Giovanni Maullu
– Nicoletta Molinari
– Federica Picchi
– Mafalda Poli
– Paola Renata Radaelli
– Giuseppe Romele
– Roberto Rosso
– Maurizia Rota
– Giorgia Meloni
– Francesco Acquaroli
– Arianna Alessandrini
– Roberta Angelilli
– Alfredo Antoniozzi

– Monica Stefania Baldi
– Marco Bertolini
– Ida Collu
– Fabrizio Ghera
– Alessio Pestelli
– Diego Petrucci
– Federica Picchi
– Nicola Procaccini
– Luca Romagnoli
– Michele Sciurpa
– Giorgia Meloni
– Rocco Aversa
– Denis Nesci
– Margherita D’Urbano
– Raffaele Fitto
– Isabella Gentile
– Marcello Gemmato
– Maria Rosaria Lagrotta
– Maria Letizia, Stella Miele
– Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini
– Mario Quaglieri
– Carmela Rescigno
– Salvatore Ronghi
– Alessandro Siciliano
– Antonio Tisci
– Ugo Tozzi
– Lucrezia Vinci
– Giorgia Meloni
– Raffaele Stancanelli
– Maria Carolina Varchi
– Giovanni Luca Cannata
– Maria Fernanda Gervasi
– Francesco Rizzo
– Antonella Zedda
– Francesco Paolo Scarpinato

S&D (31 MEPs)


Democratic Party 

The selection of the candidates for the European Elections is the first political act of the Zingaretti secretariat. The search for a balance with the old Renzi administration seems to have been reached, thanks also to the massive scouting from outside the party nomenclature. The five leaders are: Giuliano Pisapia for the north-west,, the outgoing MEP Simona Bonafè for the center, the former national anti-mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti for the south and the outgoing MEP Caterina Chinnici for the islands. The lead for NW Italy is Carlo Calenda, who set up the Siamo Europei platform to bring together the PD with other leftist forces. He had hoped to include the liberal +Europa party in a joint list but this has not proved forthcoming yet. Those signing the platform’s principles rule out any alliance with the tow ruling parties, Lega and 5 Star.

The list includes two members of Article 1 – Mdp: Massimo Paolucci (outgoing MEP) and Cecilia Guerra (former group leader at the Senate in the last legislature); while in the Demos faction, the movement linked to Catholic voluntary service, are: Pietro Bartolo (doctor of migrants in Lampedusa) and Beatrice Covassi (head of the European Commission in Rome).

Running for a new term in the European Parliament: Patrizia Toia, David Sassoli, Roberto Gualtieri, Brando Benifei, Mercedes Bresso, Nicola Caputo, Andrea Cozzolino, Nicola Danti, Paolo De Castro, Isabella De Monte, Elena Gentile, Michela Giuffrida, Cécile Kyenge, Pina Picierno and Daniele Viotti.

One surprise on the list is Paolo de Castro who had announced that he would not be running again and would return to university life. He was persuaded by new party leader Nicola Zingaretti to stand again. Patrizia Toia is also on the list after fears that she would be ineligible after already serving 2 terms.

11 current MEPs are not on the list, including Sergio Cofferati, Silvia Costa, Elly Schlein, Flavio Zanonato and Damiano Zoffoli.

Nicola ZINGARETTI, President of the Lazio region, was elected leader of the Democratic Party after winning almost two-thirds of the vote in an open primary.

His election ends a long  internal discussions on the future direction and leadership of the party and the future relationship with the S&D group.  Zingaretti had  argued that the electoral lists should be open to everyone but with “the commitment, however, to still sit with the S&D group“.

Standing against him was the former Under-secretary for European Affairs Gozi, who has been working towards an alliance with the Greens, the Liberals, En Marche and Ciudadanos, to compete against the Socialists. Gozi is now a candidate in France on the Macron list. Another candidate, the former Minister of Economic Development, Calenda, argued that the best solution was a Pro-European list that would include above all the +Europa party of Emma Bonino and the Democratic Party.


EPP (15 MEPs)


Forza Italia 

Silvio Berlusconi is the leader of Forza Italia in all the constituencies, except that of the center, led by the president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani. Among the outgoing MEPs seeking confirmation in Brussels are Lara Comi, Massimiliano Salini, Aldo Patriciello, Alessandra Mussolini, Barbara Matera, Fulvio Martusciello and Salvatore Cicu. In the Unione di Centro share, there is Lorenzo Cesa, also an outgoing MEP and secretary of the centrist formation, while the outgoing MEP Herbert Dorfmann is nominated for the Südtiroler Volkspartei.

The most eye-catching move is the decision by Elisabetta Gardini to leave FI and join the Brothers of Italy, who sit int he ECR group.She follows in the footseps of Stefano Maullu. Giovanni La Via is also missing from the list and his name had been linked to 5 star for a while.

At the end of November the “Altra Italia” coalition was launched to bring together onto one list the disparate Italian parties within the EPP group (FI, UDC, Südtiroler Volkspartei). The initiative was promoted by the President of the European Parliament, Tajani. FI however are struggling to win back votes and risk seeing their number of MEPs drop from 15 into single figures.

Forza Italia


  • Silvio Berlusconi
  • Sandra Savino
  • Irene Maria Pivetti
  • Roberta Toffanin
  • Valentina Castaldini
  • Emanuele Crosato
  • Cristina Folchinii
  • Ilaria Giorgetti
  • Paola Girolami
  • Anna Leso
  • Mario Malossini
  • Giuseppe Papa
  • Alfredo Posteraro
  • Matteo Tosetto
  • Valerio Zoggia


  • Silvio Berlusconi
  • Lara Comi
  • Massimiliano Salini
  • Giusy Versace
  • Anna Lisa Baroni
  • Daniela Ruffino
  • Amir Atrous
  • Salvatore Barbagallo
  • Damiano Bormolini
  • Cinzia Maria Bosso
  • Benedetta Gaia Cosmi
  • Elisabetta Fatuzzo
  • Francesco Graglia
  • Massimiliano Grimaldi
  • Matteo Motta
  • Roberta Paparatto
  • Mauro Parolini
  • Maria Rosa Assunta Porta
  • Pietro Tararella
  • Claudia Toso


  • Antonio Tajani
  • Alessandra Mussolini
  • Raffaella Buonsangue
  • Giovanni Paolo Bernini
  • Salvatore De Meo
    • Maria DiMasi
    • Alessandra Feduzi
    • Jacopo Maria Ferri
    • Salvatore Ladaga
    • Rita Pieri
    • Mario Razzanelli
    • Simone Rebichini
    • Anna Maria Costanza Rozzi
    • Olimpia Tarzia
    • Arianna Verucci


    • Silvio Berlusconi
    • Barbara Matera
    • Lorenzo Cesa
    • Fulvio Martusciello
    • Alessandra Mussolini
    • Aldo Patriciello
    • Carmela Bellame
    • Fulvia MichelaCaligiuri
    • Maraigarazia Chiusolo
    • Leonardo Ciccopiedi
    • Filomena D’Antini
    • Beatrice De Donato
    • Paola Di Salvatore
    • Antonio Ilardi
    • Giorgio Magliocca
    • Antonietta Pecchia
    • Giuseppe Pedà
    • Sergio Paolo Francesco Silvestris


    • Silvio Berlusconi
    • Gabriella Giammanco
    • Salvatore Cicu
    • Gabriella Greco
    • Giuseppe Milazzo
    • Giorgia Iacolino
    • Saverio Romano
    • Dafne Musolino

ENF (6 MEPs)


The League

Neither “football players nor singers… all normal people”: the Lega decided to value its political leaders with administrative experience. Scrolling through the list, the names of Isabella Tovaglieri (young deputy mayor of Busto Arsizio), Susanna Ceccardi (mayor of Cascina) and Senator Cinzia Bonfrisco stand out. The leader in all the constituencies – as in 2014 – will be Matteo Salvini.

After 18 years, Mario Borghezio will not run for the elections. Green light, instead, for the other outgoing MEPs: Mara Bizzotto, Angelo Ciocca, Oscar Lancini and the former M5s Marco Zanni, recently appointed as responsible for Foreign policy forf the party. Among the new entries, Vincenzo Sofo, founder of the blog “Il Talebano” (the Taliban) and partner of Marion Le Pen: the youngest offspring of the French Le Pen political dynasty.

The League is continuing to increase in popularity despite the difficulties of the Italian economic situation. They have long overtaken their government partners, the 5  Star Movement, and there are great expectations for the May elections, where they are looking at almost 30 seats – a huge advance on the 6 they have at the moment. This would make them the 2nd largest national delegtaion, only just behind the German CDU.  Salvini has been actively working towards a closer alignment of the right-wing parties and formed the European Alliance for People and Nations .

In terms of future political groups, there is speculation that Salvini and Kaczynski, who has led Poland since 2015 with his Law and Justice party (Pis), could form a “sovereign” Euro-sceptic alliance. This remains, however, to be clarified in light of their differences around the position with regard to Russia, with many of the political parties in the current ECR being strongly anti-Russian while Salvini wants to strengthen ties with Putin.  This could mean the League remains in the ENF with the Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders’ Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV).

In August 2018 he met with Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and announced a pan-European anti-migrant manifesto for the EP elections, pitting themselves directly against Emmanuel Macron, who they portrayed as the defender of illegal migrants.

The League’s objective is to become the biggest party in Italy, giving it the right to choose the next Commissioner to send to Brussels. In December Salvini, reiterated that it is in the interest of the League to choose the future Commissioner for Agriculture: a role that could be covered, according to some rumours, by the current Governor of Veneto, Zaia. As an alternative, the current Minister for Family, Fontana, could be put forward as Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs.



  • Matteo Salvini
  • Alessandra Basso
  • Mara Bizzotto
  • Paolo Borchia
  • Vallì Cipriani
  • Rosanna Conte
  • Gianantonio Da Re
  • Marco Dreosto
  • Matteo Gazzini
  • Paola Ghidoni
  • Manuel Ghilardelli
  • Elena Lizzi
  • Emiliano Occhi
  • Gabriele Padovani
  • Ilenia Rento


  • Matteo Salvini
  • Monica Heidi Andreina
  • Marco Campomenosi
  • Alessandra Cappellari
  • Marta Casiraghi
  • Dante Cattaneo
  • Angelo Ciocca
  • Gianna Gancia
  • Oscar Danilo Lancini
  • Antonio Pietro Marrapodi
  • Laura Molteni
  • Alessandro Panza
  • Vittoria Poggio
  • Cristina Porro
  • Marco Racca
  • Paolo Sammaritani
  • Silvia Sardone
  • Isabella Tovaglieri
  • Stefania Zambelli
  • Marco Zanni


  • Matteo Salvini
  • Renata Simona Baldassarre
  • Matteo Adinolfi
  • Jacopo Alberti
  • Leo Bollettini
    • Anna detta Cinzia Bonfrisco
    • Susanna Ceccardi
    • Mauro Lucentini
    • Stefano Pastorelli
    • Angelo Pavoncello
    • Francesca Peppucci
    • Luisa Regimenti
    • Antonio Maria Rinaldi
    • Maria Veronica Rossi
    • Elena Vizzotto


    • Matteo Salvini
    • Ilaria Antelmi
    • Daniela Calderano
    • Andrea Caroppo
    • Massimo Casanova
    • Giancarlo Cerrelli
    • Antonello D’Aloisio
    • Elisabetta De Blasis
    • Valentino Grant
    • Antonella Lella
    • Luigi Antonio Petroni
    • Francesca Anastasia Porpiglia
    • Simona Sapignoli
    • Nadia Sgro
    • Vincenzo Sofo
    • Emma Staine
    • Aurelio Tommasetti
    • Lucia Vuolo


    • Matteo Salvini
    • Francesca Donato
    • Angelo Attaguile
    • Igor Gelarda
    • Maria Concetta Hopps
    • Sonia Pilli
    • Massimiliano Piu
    • Annalisa Tardino

EFDD (14 MEPs)


Five Star Movement

Following the consultation carried out on the Rousseau platform for the selection of the candidates to the European elections – the 5 Star Movement has chosen five women as leaders. They are: Maria Angela Danzì, general secretary and general manager of the municipalities of Genoa and Novara and of the province of Varese, candidate for the north-west college; Sabrina Pignedoli, investigative journalist specialized on ‘Ndrangheta in the territory of Reggio Emilia, candidate for the north-east; Daniela Rondinelli, member of the Cabinet of the European Economic and Social Committee, candidate for the center; Chiara Maria Gemma, associate professor in Special Teaching and Pedagogy at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, for the south; Alessandra Todde, managing director of Olidata, candidate for the islands.

Therefore, Di Maio’s “civic” electoral campaign approach prevailed – “excellence from science, university, entrepreneurship”. Casaleggio’s approach was more attentive to “themes”, starting from digital democracy.

Outgoing MEPs run for the second term in Brussels: Eleonora Evi, Tiziana Beghin, Marco Zullo, Dario Tamburrano, Laura Agea, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Piernicola Pedicini, Laura Ferrara, Isabella Adinolfi, Rosa D’Amato and Ignazio Corrao. Among the leading figures of the Movement, who have also accepted to run for the EP, the former mayor of Livorno, Filippo Nogarin, and former Mediaset journalist Dino Giarrusso.

M5S have looked to build an alliance with other parties across Europe that tries to break down the traditional left-right political spectrum.  However of the 4 parties that have signed up to their new “post-ideological “ group, few look like they will return any MEPs. Croatia’s  Zivi Zid’s could return 2 MEPs and the Polish Kukiz 15 could win 4 seats but the Finnish Liike Nyt and Greek Akkel are not forecast to win any seats. They would need at least 25 MEPs from 7 Member states to form a new political group in the EP. Relations with President Macron and LREM  have become extremely strained following Di Maio’s support and meeting with the French gilets jaunes.

On 31 December, MEP Marco Valli and Giulia Moi were expelled from the M5S, while David Borrelli, in November, joined “Italia in Comune”: the new movement founded by the mayor of Parma and former 5-Star Movement, Pizzarotti.


Circoscrizione Nord-Ovest (20)
Angela Maria Danzì
Eugenio Casalino
Eleonora Evi
Tiziana Beghin
Silvia Malivindi
Christian Di Feo
Paola Macchi
Marcella Gilardoni
Andrea Togno
Giuseppe Mastruzzo
Daniele Tromboni
Paola Pizzighini
Alessandro Di Pierro
Marco Mesmaeker
Andrea Palumbo
Simona Barello
Nicola Clerici
Cristina Maria Migliore
Monica Ferraris
Piero Puozzo

Nord-Est Circumscription (15)
Sabrina Pignedoli
Marco Zullo
Viviana Dal Cin
Alessandra Guatteri
Elena Mazzoni
Claudio Fochi
Nadia Pisédu
Eduardo Matias Crescitelli Diaz
Cinzia Dal Zotto
Antonio Candiello
Ulderica Mannella
Carla Franchini
Salvatore Lantino
Simone Contro
Cristiano Zanella

Circoscrizione Centro (15)
Daniela Rondinelli
Fabio Massimo Castaldo
Filippo Nogarin
Dario Tamburrano
Laura Agea
Silvia Noferi
Elisabetta Zuccaro
Tiziana Alterio
Lisa Giuggiolini
Luca Ciarrocca
Stella Visconti
Gianluca Macone
Concetta Maestrini
Nicola Magi
Cosimo Giorgetti


Circorscrizione Sud (18)
Maria Chiara Gemma
Piernicola Pedicini
Laura Ferrarra
Isabella Adinolfi
Rosa D’amato
Michela Rescigno
Gianluca Ranieri
Mario Furore
Mariano Peluso
Enrico Farina
Vito Avallone
Claudio Alberto De Giglio
Danilo Della Valle
Franca Pulpito
Luigi Napolitano
Antimina Di Matteo
Valeria Di Nino
Stefania Gentile

Circoscrizione Insulare (8)
Todde Alessandra
Ignazio Corrao
Dino Maria Riccardo Giarrusso
Flavia Di Pietro
Matilde Montaudo
Donato Forcillo
Antonio Brunetta
Antonella Corrado