Latest developments in the Political Groups


(EP website 14/6/2019 – still no official list of elected MEPs)

EPP ( 179:  23.8%):

  • Manfred Weber was re-elected Group leader along with 10 Vice-Chairmen in order of preferential votes Dubravka Šuica (Hr), Esteban González Pons (Es), Ewa Kopacz (Pl), Siegfried Mureşan (Ro), Mairead Mcguinness (Ie), Esther De Lange (Nl), Arnaud Danjean (Fr), Andrey Kovatchev Bg), Evangelos Meimarakis (El), Paulo Rangel(Pt).

S&D (153 : 20.4%)

  • The Group will elect its leader on 18 June, with a contest between current leader Udo Bullmann (DE) and Iratxe Garcia Perez (ES). The new leader will set out their priorities in a press conference on Wednesday 19 June.

Renew Europe (106: 14.1%)

  • Former ALDE group re-named Renew Europe – dropping the name “liberal” from the title to please the new French members.
  • New leader will be elected on 19 June with Sophie in ‘t Veld (NL) and Fredrick Federley (SE) as declared candidates (both to the left of the Group) and Daclan Cioloş (RO) and Nicola Beer (DE) as possible runners. Nathalie Loiseau, head of Macron’s Renaissance list, has decided not to run following controversy over alleged derogatory remarks about the group. One consequence of this, according to new British Liberal MEP Chris Davies, is that it reduces his chances of being Chairman of ENVI, which he hints is more likely to go to En Marche.

Greens (75: 10%)

  •  Ska Keller (DE) and Philippe Lamberts (BE) were re-elected as co-presidents.
  • The Group currently has 75 members (full list here) and elected the following Vice-Presidents to sit on their Bureau: Alyn Smith (GB): 1st VP and President European Free Alliance (EFA), Bas Eickhout (NL) VP and Treasurer, Terry Reintke (DE), Ernest Urtasun (ES), Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield (FR), Molly Scott Cato (GB), Alice Bah Kuhnke (SE)
  • New members include 3 Czech pirates, German Volt and German Die Partei

Identity & Democracy (73: 9.7%)

  • The old Le Pen /Salvini group, Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) has been re-named Identity and Democracy (ID)
  • Marco Zanni (IT) from the Lega was elected Chairman, with Nicolas Bay (FR) from Rassemblement National as deputy
  • They have MEPs from 9 Member States – the Italian Lega (28) and French RN (22) dominate, with the addition of 11 German AfD from the EFDD group, 1 Dane and 2 Finns from the ECR and the far-right Estonian EKRE.

ECR (61: 8.1%)

  • The Group will elect its new leader on 19 June
  • They have new members from Dutch FvD (3), German Family party and Greek solution

EFDD (43: 5.7%)

  • The Group’s future is in doubt as 5 Star have indicated they don’t want to sit with Farage’s Brexit party but have so far no other group to join
  • In February 5 Star tried to form a new movement but only the new Croatian and Polish parties won seats.. They are currently trying to get the support of a number of non-affiliated independent MEPs in order to meet the threshold of 25 MEPs from 7 countries to form a group
  • The EFDD have already lost the German AfD who have joined Salvini’s ID group and former members from Czech Svobodní, the French Les Patriotes, Lithuanian Order and Justice and the Polish KORWiN all failed to be re-elected.
  • Farage has said his Brexit party will not sit with Salvini and Le Pen

GUE (38: 5%)

  • Have added 2 new Members from Belgian PTB and Danish Red-Green Alliance

Others (23)

  • 9 MEPs in the Non-Inscrits and 14 still to be placed including Vox (ECR or ID?) and the 2 Catalan independents (Greens?)


Negotiations on a future work programme

The 4 main political groups who are likely to determine the pro-EU future agenda (EPP, S&D, ALDE, V) started work on 13 June to try and find common ground on priorities in a future work programme. They only have one week to find some form of agreement, with the aim of presenting their work (one page per group) to EU leaders who are meeting on 20/21 June to adopt the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024. Greenpeace have already leaked the latest version of the Strategic Agenda, criticising it for not being ambitious enough on the climate (objective of climate neutrality but no date) and no mention of the CAP or transport.

The names of the group negotiators gives some early indication of who the key players will be in each of the 5 subject areas. While the EPP, Socialists and Greens have gone for well known, experienced MEPs, the Liberal choice indicates the upheaval in the old ALDE group as they seek new direction. The Liberal list includes first time MEPs who are heads of national lists like Luis Garicano (ALDE/ES), Nicola Beer (ALDE/DE) and Malik Azmani (NL) and the return of MEPs like Chris Davies (GB).

  1. Environment and biodiversity, sustainable mobility, fighting climate change and zero waste, food, health.
  • EPP: Siegfried Muresan (RO) Peter Liese (DE)
  • S&D : Kathleen Van Brempt (BE) Éric Andrieu (FR)
  • ALDE: Pascal Canfin (FR) Chris Davies (GB-new)
  • V : Yannick Jadot (FR)  Bas Eickhout (NL)
  1. Economic and social policy, jobs, trade, competition policy and industrial policy, taxation, EMU [Economic and Monetary Union] reform.
  • EPP: Esther de Lange (NL) José Manuel Fernandes (PT)
  • S&D : Roberto Gualtieri (IT)  Nicolas Schmit (LUX-new)
  • ALDE : Nils Torvalds (FI)  Luis Garicano (ES-new)
  • V: Molly Scott Cato (GB)  Sven Giegold  (DE)
  1. Innovation, digitalization, AI, single market, consumer protection.
  • EPP: Mairead McGuinness (IE)  Jan Olbrycht (PL)
  • S&D: Miapetra Kumpula-Natri (FI)  Agnes Jongerius (NL)
  • ALDE : Dita Charanzova (CZ)  Nicola Beer (DE -new)
  • V : Tilly Metz (LUX) Michèle Rivasi (FR)
  1. Rule of law and fundamental rights, security, fight against terrorism, border and migration.
  • EPP:  Esteban Gonzalez Pons (ES)  Roberto Metsola (MT)
  • S&D : Claude Moraes (GB)  Sylvie Guillaume (FR)
  • ALDE : Malik Azmani (NL – new) Dragus Tudorache (RO – new))
  • V : Terry Reintke (DE)  Ernest Urtasun (ES)
  1. Europe in the world, development, defence, multilateralism, EU Africa relations, enlargement.”
  • EPP: Arnaud Danjean (FR) David McAllister (DE)
  • S&D : Javi Lopez (ES)  Jeppe Kofod (DK), Bernd Lange (DE)
  • ALDE : Urmas Paet (EE) Hilde Vautmans (BE)
  • V : Heidi Hautala (FI)  Reinhard Bütikofer (DE)