European Parliament elections have traditionally resulted in a very low voter turnout. In 2014, only 18% of eligible voters cast their and current indications are this will only slightly rise to 21% in 2019.

Most political parties are still waiting to publish their lists until after the October Municipal and Senate elections. Only the KDU-CSL have published their list, with JURI Chairman Pavel Svoboda heading the list.

The main topic of the 2019 EP election campaign will be the ongoing immigration crisis. Even though it is not an actual issue in the country, many political parties are successfully making use of  the topic for political gain. Other topics will be security in Europe, terrorism  and a potential Czexit. Populist parties, such as Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) have raised  the option of leaving the European Union, or at least holding a referendum on membership. In comparison to other European countries, Czechs do not see youth unemployment as a major issue, as the Czechia  has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU.

EPP (7 MEPs)

The Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) were the first to reveal their candidates in May 2018.…

S&D (4 MEPs)

Pavel Poc will head the list for the the Social Democrats (CSSD).  Olga Sehnalová has…

ECR (2 MEPs)

The current MEPs Jan Zahradil and Evžen Tošenovský will lead the list, with Zahradil also…


Dita Charanzová will most likely lead the ballot of ANO.

GUE (3 MEPs)

Kateřina Konečná, a sitting MEP in ENVI,  will head the list for the Communist party…


One of the Czech media barons, Jaromir Soukup, has decided to participate in the upcoming…

Musíme k nám přitáhnout nejenom veřejnost, ale také osobnosti z veřejného prostoru. @MarekVyborny #debatakandidatu #novysefKDU

Dle @MarekVyborny budou mezi sebou mít konzervativní a liberální strany vždy třecí plochu, která stojí mezi širší možností spolupráce. #debatakandidatu #novysefKDU

Je větší prioritou vysoký výsledek KDU-ČSL, nebo pozitivní změny ve společnosti i za cenu ustoupení strany do pozadí? Pro @honzabartosek je důležitý výsledek. #debatakandidatu #novysefKDU

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