The AfD is gaining in popularity and following the state elections in Hesse and Bavaria in October, they now have seats in each of the State Parliaments . federal polls are indicating a stable voter share of 14% . Its manifesto calls for the party to campaign on a possible exit from the EU (Dexit) if their demands for reform are not met. No concrete timeframe is given (earlier deadlines of 2024 were dropped from the final programme) but reforms  include abolition of the European Parliament. They want to turn the EU into a club of nations.

The head of list, Jorg Meuthen is the only surviving member of the AfD members elected in 2014. The others have all moved into other parties.

Order on the list (full list here))

Prof. Jörg Meuthen
Guido Reil
Dr. Maximilian Krah
Lars Patrick Berg
Bernhard Zimniok
Dr. Nicolaus Fest
Markus Buchheit
Christine Anderson
Dr. Sylvia Limmer
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Beck

Joachim Kuhs
Erich Heidkamp
Dr. Verena Wester
Thorsten Weiß

Dr. Hagen Brauer

Martin Schiller

Dr. Michael Adam

Uta Opelt