Five Star Movement

The haemorrhage of votes suffered by the 5-Star Movement in the regional elections reveals their current political difficulties which they seem unable to overcome. 
Di Maio’s leadership is under threat, but there seems to be no alternative in the short term.

The criteria for selecting candidates has also come under scrutiny. In addition to having to comply with the requirements set out in the Regulations – including registration with the Movement and no criminal convictions – candidates will be selected on the basis of nine criteria that will give a higher score to those who, among other things, have a high level of education (degree, master, doctorate), a knowledge of English at least equal to level B2 or who have participated in local or national events organized by the Movement. In addition, candidates who have had significant work experience, hold important public awards or have previously held an elected position with the M5S will be qualified as “Supercompetents“; and will therefore hold the highest positions on the candidate list.

M5S have looked to build an alliance with other parties across Europe that tries to break down the traditional left-right political spectrum.  However of the 4 parties that have signed up to their new “post-ideological “ group, few look like they will return any MEPs. Croatia’s  Zivi Zid’s could return 2 MEPs and the Polish Kukiz 15 could win 4 seats but the Finnish Liike Nyt and Greek Akkel are not forecast to win any seats. They would need at least 25 MEPs from 7 Member states to form a new political group in the EP. Relations with President Macron and LREM  have become extremely strained following Di Maio’s support and meeting with the French gilets jaunes.

On 31 December, MEP Marco Valli and Giulia Moi were expelled from the M5S, while David Borrelli, in November, joined “Italia in Comune”: the new movement founded by the mayor of Parma and former 5-Star Movement, Pizzarotti.

Current MEPs who are likely to stand again include Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Laura Agea, Ignazio Corrao and Marco Zullo.

New candidates include

Filippo Nogarin, Mayor of Livorno, Toscana

Antononio Cozzolino Mayor of  Civitavecchia (Lazio)