Five Star Movement –

Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio announced that their lists will be open to civil society representatives. They are still working on their “Manifesto for a different Europe”, which will set out the Movement’s agenda on European issues, which could be influenced by the more radical views of Alessandro Di Battista who has returned to the political scene at this key moment. The goal is hold the balance of power within the European Parliament, with the formation of a federated group with new parties that enter the EP for the first time. M5S has already launched its “offensive” against waste in the EU institutions, condemning  the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg as “useless and expensive.  Relations with President Macron have become extremely strained following Di Maio’s support and meeting with  the French gilets jaunes.

On 31 December, MEP Marco Valli and Giulia Moi were expelled from the M5S, while David Borrelli, in November, joined “Italia in Comune”: the new movement founded by the mayor of Parma and former 5-Star Movement, Pizzarotti.

Current MEPs who will stand again include Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Laura Agea, Ignazio Corrao and Marco Zullo.

New candidates include

Filippo Nogarin, Mayor of Livorno, Toscana

Antononio Cozzolino Mayor of  Civitavecchia (Lazio)