The League

Neither “football players nor singers… all normal people”: the Lega decided to value its political leaders with administrative experience. Scrolling through the list, the names of Isabella Tovaglieri (young deputy mayor of Busto Arsizio), Susanna Ceccardi (mayor of Cascina) and Senator Cinzia Bonfrisco stand out. The leader in all the constituencies – as in 2014 – will be Matteo Salvini.

After 18 years, Mario Borghezio will not run for the elections. Green light, instead, for the other outgoing MEPs: Mara Bizzotto, Angelo Ciocca, Oscar Lancini and the former M5s Marco Zanni, recently appointed as responsible for Foreign policy forf the party. Among the new entries, Vincenzo Sofo, founder of the blog “Il Talebano” (the Taliban) and partner of Marion Le Pen: the youngest offspring of the French Le Pen political dynasty.

The League is continuing to increase in popularity despite the difficulties of the Italian economic situation. They have long overtaken their government partners, the 5  Star Movement, and there are great expectations for the May elections, where they are looking at almost 30 seats – a huge advance on the 6 they have at the moment. This would make them the 2nd largest national delegtaion, only just behind the German CDU.  Salvini has been actively working towards a closer alignment of the right-wing parties and formed the European Alliance for People and Nations .

In terms of future political groups, there is speculation that Salvini and Kaczynski, who has led Poland since 2015 with his Law and Justice party (Pis), could form a “sovereign” Euro-sceptic alliance. This remains, however, to be clarified in light of their differences around the position with regard to Russia, with many of the political parties in the current ECR being strongly anti-Russian while Salvini wants to strengthen ties with Putin.  This could mean the League remains in the ENF with the Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders’ Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV).

In August 2018 he met with Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and announced a pan-European anti-migrant manifesto for the EP elections, pitting themselves directly against Emmanuel Macron, who they portrayed as the defender of illegal migrants.

The League’s objective is to become the biggest party in Italy, giving it the right to choose the next Commissioner to send to Brussels. In December Salvini, reiterated that it is in the interest of the League to choose the future Commissioner for Agriculture: a role that could be covered, according to some rumours, by the current Governor of Veneto, Zaia. As an alternative, the current Minister for Family, Fontana, could be put forward as Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs.



  • Matteo Salvini
  • Alessandra Basso
  • Mara Bizzotto
  • Paolo Borchia
  • Vallì Cipriani
  • Rosanna Conte
  • Gianantonio Da Re
  • Marco Dreosto
  • Matteo Gazzini
  • Paola Ghidoni
  • Manuel Ghilardelli
  • Elena Lizzi
  • Emiliano Occhi
  • Gabriele Padovani
  • Ilenia Rento


  • Matteo Salvini
  • Monica Heidi Andreina
  • Marco Campomenosi
  • Alessandra Cappellari
  • Marta Casiraghi
  • Dante Cattaneo
  • Angelo Ciocca
  • Gianna Gancia
  • Oscar Danilo Lancini
  • Antonio Pietro Marrapodi
  • Laura Molteni
  • Alessandro Panza
  • Vittoria Poggio
  • Cristina Porro
  • Marco Racca
  • Paolo Sammaritani
  • Silvia Sardone
  • Isabella Tovaglieri
  • Stefania Zambelli
  • Marco Zanni


  • Matteo Salvini
  • Renata Simona Baldassarre
  • Matteo Adinolfi
  • Jacopo Alberti
  • Leo Bollettini
    • Anna detta Cinzia Bonfrisco
    • Susanna Ceccardi
    • Mauro Lucentini
    • Stefano Pastorelli
    • Angelo Pavoncello
    • Francesca Peppucci
    • Luisa Regimenti
    • Antonio Maria Rinaldi
    • Maria Veronica Rossi
    • Elena Vizzotto


    • Matteo Salvini
    • Ilaria Antelmi
    • Daniela Calderano
    • Andrea Caroppo
    • Massimo Casanova
    • Giancarlo Cerrelli
    • Antonello D’Aloisio
    • Elisabetta De Blasis
    • Valentino Grant
    • Antonella Lella
    • Luigi Antonio Petroni
    • Francesca Anastasia Porpiglia
    • Simona Sapignoli
    • Nadia Sgro
    • Vincenzo Sofo
    • Emma Staine
    • Aurelio Tommasetti
    • Lucia Vuolo


    • Matteo Salvini
    • Francesca Donato
    • Angelo Attaguile
    • Igor Gelarda
    • Maria Concetta Hopps
    • Sonia Pilli
    • Massimiliano Piu
    • Annalisa Tardino