PVV (4 MEPs)

The PVV have still to announce their list.

Marcel de Graaff is the current leader in the EP. No news on other sitting MEPs  André Elissen, Olaf Stuger and Auke Zijlstra.

The party is expected to retain its 4 seats.


Forum for Democracy (no current MEPs)

Forum for Democracy (FvD) is the party of Thierry Baudet who have close links with other far-right groups like Vlams Belang. Baudet came to fame opposing the EU- Ukraine Association Agreement and is in favour of the Netherlands leaving the EU.

  1. Derk Jan Eppink – former Commission whistleblower
  2. Rob Roos
  3. Rob Rooken
  4. Dorien Rookmaker
  5. Michiel Hoogeveen
  6. Frederik Jansen
  7. Sytze van Odijk
  8. Gideon van Meijeren
  9. Toine Beukering