HDZ – Croatian Democratic Union

Current MEPs: Dubravka Suica, Ivana Maletic, Zeljana Zovko, Ivica Tolic

  • The largest party forming the governing coalition and the winner of the last national parliamentary elections in September 2016
  • According to the CroElecto[1] poll, conducted in July, it is the most popular party (24.97%), although PM Plenkovic has one of the lowest approval rates
  • The media speculate that Ivana Maletic[2],MEP might want to stand for another 5-year term; however, she has gone against the PM on local matters and there is speculation that the PM will not add her to the next list of candidates
  • There has also been speculation regarding some former MEPs, such as Davor Ivo Stier[3], who left his seat after the Croatian parliamentary elections to become the new Foreign and European Affairs Minister; currently he is perceived as being in opposition to the PM within the party
  • Dubravka Suica[4] is one of the names that is certainly expected to be again on the HDZ list
  • As a possible new name on the list, media outlets mention Marijana Cagalj, the Vice-President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK)
  • Possible topics: Euro, Schengen membership, migrations, EU-USA and EU-Russia relations


HSS – Croatian Peasant Party (EPP group)

Current MEPs: none; former HSS MEP Marijana Petir was expelled from the party after internal disputes with the current party leadership and it remains unclear what party she might join.

  • Opposition party, strongly criticizing the current governing coalition
  • SDP not willing to form coalition with them since they are part of EPP group
  • Kreso Beljak, party president expected to be on the list

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