Les Républicains” (LR) 

A 33 year-old philosopher will lead the list for Les Républicains (LR) in a move that is seen as an attempt by LR leader Laurent Wauquiez to push the party even further to the conservative right. François-Xavier Bellamy is relatively unknown to the French public. He is deputy mayor of Versailles and has been chosen to appeal to young voters as well as more socially conservative catholic parts of the electorate, given his opposition to gay marriage and abortion.

In an effort to offer some balance to the list, second place has been given to the more moderate Agnès Evren, Vice- President of the Isle-de-France region and former spokeman for Valérie Pécresse and 3rd place to veteran MEP Arnaud Danjean. The 3 leading candidates are presented as a trio but it is Bellamy that has caught the headlines.

On March 6 LR unveiled their top 26 candidates, with 8 sitting MEPs on the list, with 5 of them in the top 10. LR are still struggling in the polls and could see their number of MEPs drop from 20 to 11 or 12.  The list has been seen as too right-wing for many supporters and Agnès Le Brun, former MEP and Marie-Jo Zimmermann, former MP for the Moselle, have left the party in protest.

  1. François-Xavier Bellamy, conseiller municipal à Versailles
  2. Agnès Evren, vice-présidente de la région Ile-de-France
  3. Arnaud Danjean, eurodéputé
  4. Nadine Morano, eurodéputée
  5. Brice Hortefeux, eurodéputé
  6. Réservée à une femme issue du mouvement Les Centristes
  7. Geoffroy Didier, eurodéputé
  8. Anne Sander, eurodéputée
  9. Frédéric Péchenard, vice-président de la région Ile-de-France
  10. Laurence Saillet, porte-parole de LR
  11. Franck Proust, eurodéputé
  12. Cristina Storoni, directrice adjointe du cabinet de Christian Jacob
  13. Alain Cadec, eurodéputé
  14. Lydia Guirous, porte-parole de LR
  15. Bernard Asso, adjoint au maire de Nice
  16. Angélique Delahaye, eurodéputée
  17. Guillaume Guérin, conseiller régional de Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  18. Réservée à une femme issue du mouvement Les Centristes
  19. Patrick Boré, maire de La Ciotat
  20. Réservée à un représentant des Outre-mer
  21. Philippe Meunier, vice-président de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  22. Françoise Guégot, vice-présidente de la région Normandie
  23. Bernard Carayon, maire de Lavaur
  24. Faustine Maliar, conseillère régionale des Hauts-de-France
  25. Sébastien Pilard, conseiller régional des Pays-de-la-Loire
  26. Livia Graziani Sanciu, présidente des Jeunes Républicains de Haute-Corse

Michel Dantin, Rachida Dati, Philippe Juvin and Alain Lamassoure  are  not standing.

The new party Agir, close to Alain Juppé and Jean-PIerre Raffarin, have decided to join a joint list with LREM (see ALDE section for more news). Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, is hoping to be a candidate for them.