European Coalition (Civic Platform)

The main opposition parties have formed a joint list to counter the influence of PiS, bringing together Civic Platform and PSL who sit with the EPP, the Socialist SLD, Modern (who could end up with ALDE), Now and the Green party. This is seen as a test for the national elections due by November.

The parties are currently working on their joint list and how the top spots will be shared between them. It is understood that the Civic Platform will take the first place in 7 out of 13 constituencies. The remaining 6 will be divided amongst the other coalition partners – most likely 3 each for PSL and SLD. The smaller parties –  Modern, Now and the Green party are also pushing for second, third and fourth places. Official electoral lists are not expected until the end of March – the deadline for their submission falls on the 16 April. The European Coalition will likely test out  public by systematically leaking potential candidates.

So far, names released to the public by the European Coalition, include both well-known politicians, as well as popular and respected professionals such as Janina Ochojska, the long-time President of the Polish Humanitarian Action. However commentators argue that as a result of internal negotiations, the PO could still  trade Ochojska’s place to complement one of its partners.