Paulo Rangel will head the list with 3 of the 5 current PSD Members standing again.

  1. Paulo Rangel (current MEP)
  2. Lídia Pereira (leader YPP)
  3. José Manuel Fernandes (current MEP)
  4. Graça Carvalho (former MEP)
  5. Álvaro Amaro (former minister)
  6. Cláudia Monteiro Aguiar (current MEP)
  7. Carlos Coelho (current MEP)
  8. Ana Miguel dos Santos
  9. Sónia Ramos
  10. Teófilo dos Santos

MEPs Ferando Ruas and Sofia Ribeiro are not on the list

Nuno Melo (PP) will lead the list for the CDS-PP.

José Inacio Faria from the MPT (Earth party) has also declared that he will stand again.