List of the Liberals (PNL) announced 14 March

The PNL (EPP) list is headed by a TV journalist,  but with few other big new names and there are  6 MEPs in the top 10 places., including ENVI Chairman Adina Valean, who had been expected to stand down in favour of her husband and former presidents of the party, Crin Antonescu.

  1. Rareş Bogdan, journalist Realitatea TV
    2. Mircea Hava, primar mayot Iulia
    3. Siegfried Mureşan, MEP
    4. Daniel Buda, MEP
    5. Adina Vălean, MEP
    6. Vasile Blaga, former co-president PNL and PDL
    7. Dan Motreanu, former MP, former Secretary general  PNL
    8. Gheorghe Falcă, mayor Arad
    9. Cristian Buşoi, MEP
    10. Marian-Jean Marinescu, MEP
    11. Vlad Nistor
    12. Mihai Ţurcanu, MEP

They hope to increase their number of seats from 13 to 14.

In May, PNL welcomed Siegfried Muresan MEP who left the People’s Movement Party (PMP) to join the PNL and was rewarded with 3rd place on the list.


Iuliu Winkler  MEP will head the list for the RMDSZ-UDMR

Iuliu Winkler  MEP
Vincze Lorant
Hegedus Csilla
Oltean Csongor
Csaba Sogor MEP