The Partido Popular have chosen Dolors Montserrat to head the list. she is a former Health Minister under the Rajoy government and party spokesman in the parliament. She is Catalan and fiercely opposed to independence.

The list includes 10 of the current 17 MEPs, but with the party expected to see a fall in numbers from 17 to 13 /14, a number of them at the bottom of the list are at risk.

The PP suffered a setback when no. 4 on the list, Angel Garrido Garcia, decided to stand down and fight the local elections in Madrid with Ciudadanos. Pilar del Castillo MEP moves into 4th place and the rest of the list moves up a place.

1. Dolors Montserrat
2. Esteban González Pons MEP
3. Antonio López-Isturiz  MEP
4. Ángel Garrido – (will be replaced as he chose to stand for Ciudadanos)
5. Pilar del Castillo  MEP
6. Javier Zarzalejos
7. José Manuel García-Margallo
8. Francisco Millán  MEP
9. Rosa Estarás  MEP
10. Isabel Benjumea
11. Pablo Arias
12. Juan Ignacio Zoido
13. Gabriel Mato  MEP
14. Esther Herranz  MEP
15. Ana Collado
16. José Ignacio Salafranca  MEP
17. Carlos Iturgaiz  MEP
18. Juan Corro
19. Veronica Lope  MEP
20. Ana Requesens Moll

Francesc Gambus, who was elected under the Unió Democràtica de Catalunya list, will not stand again. Other sitting MEPs who will not return include Pilar Ayuso, Luis de Grandes Pascual, Santiago Fisas , Agustin Diaz de Mera, Teresa Jimenez Beccerril and Ramon Valcarel Siso.