In spring 2019, Finland will hold three separate elections: parliamentary elections (April)  EP elections (May) and for the first time regional elections. The main focus no doubt will be on the parliamentary elections and the EP elections will be considered secondary. This is likely to benefit sitting MEPs. The election period will also be marked by the fact that Finland takes over the rotating six-month EU presidency in July 2019

Candidates will campaign across the country in a single constituency. Finland gains one extra seat from the redistribution of seats following Brexit.

According to latest polls in February 2019, the opposition party Social Democrats (SDP) is the most popular party in Finland (20,1 %). In second place is the governing centre-right National Coalition party (Kok.) with 17,3 %. The Prime Minister party Centre (Kesk.) dropped to third position with 15,6 % support and the Greens rose up to fourth place (14,6 %). During the parliamentary term the Finns Party (PS) split into two parties leaving the Finns (12 %) into the opposition and brought the new party, Blue Reform (Sin.), to the government. Blue Reform’s support is now 1,4 %. Based on the same questionnaire the Finns have the most volatile voters and the Left Alliance has the most loyal voters.

According to Eurobarometer (2018), only 35% are certain to vote in 2019 EP elections, with the fight against terrorism listed as the most important election issue. This was probably  influenced by the Turku stabbing attack, which occurred at the same  time as the survey. Finns also put  climate and environmental protection as key electoral issues, along with immigration, the future of Europe and how to deal with the changing role of the US in global affairs.

In the pre-election debates, the issues of the future of Europe and Finland in renewing the EU will most likely be on the agenda. In current discussions, many of the Finnish MEPs have highlighted the US’s instability in global power politics and the pressure on the EU caused by population growth in Africa. Immigration is also shaping the pre-election discussions. In Finland, the topic has risen again since the beginning of the year due to reported crimes committed by immigrants.


Current Vice President of the Commission and former Prime Minister of Finland Jyrki Katainen (National Coalition/EPP) has announced he will not continue in politics and consequently he is not going to stand as a candidate for Commission positions. Former Prime Minister of Finland and Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Alexander Stubb stood for the EPP’s lead candidate for the European Commission. In the EPP group’s conference held in Finland on November 2018 Mr. Stubb lost in the elections to German MEP Manfred Weber.

The result of the Finnish Parliamentary elections in April will affect the nomination of the Finnish Commissioner. Traditionally the Finnish Prime Minister and the leading government party make the final decision. Several parties have said they want to stick to this tradition. Regarding the polls, it is possible that Social Democrats (SDP) will be the largest party after next parliamentary elections.




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