Finland’s preparation to take over the EU presidency in July has been thrown into confusion with the resignation of Prime Minister Juha Sipila’s centre-right government  just a month before a general election on 14 April. He handed in his resignation to the President after failing to push through his social and health reforms. He has been asked to carry on as caretaker leader until the elections. Commentators are saying that the collapse of the government coalition will allow each party to campaign with more freedom.

The Social Democrats could now be in a position to become the largest party and are leading Sipila’s Centre party in the polls ( 21% compared to 14%).  This could not only allow them to choose the next Prime Minister but also the Commissioner given that Jyrki Katainen is retiring.  The eurosceptic Finns party (who sit with the ECR) are in 3rd place on 13%. Blue reform, a splinter group from the Finns, is only polling at 1.8% but stayed in the government coalition after the Fiins were kicked out in 2017.

Candidates will campaign across the country in a single constituency. Finland gains one extra seat from the redistribution of seats following Brexit.



EPP (3 MEPs)

The National Coalition nominated their first set of candidates in September: The 3…


Former minister for international development and state ownership and current MEP Heidi…

GUE (1 MEPs)

The Left Alliance nominated their first set of candidates in November. MEP Merja Kyllönen…


Current Centre party MEPs Elsi Katainen and Mirja Vehkaperä are standing again but Anneli…

ECR (2 MEPs)

The Finns Party nominated their first set of candidates in December: Asseri Kinnunen, the…

S&D (2 MEPs)

The Social Democrats announced their first set of candidates in September: Miapetra…

Hyvää ja iloista pääsiäistä kaikille! 🌹En trevlig och glad påsk till er alla! ❤️

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Keskustan eurovaaliehdokaslista on nyt valmis ja julkaistu! 🍀🍀🍀

Hienoja ehdokkaita - kaikille kosolti onnea matkaan ja intoa seuraaville kampanjaviikoille!

Tutustu Keskustan 20 ehdokkaaseen:

Mahtavia EU-vaaliuutisia! 🇪🇺❤️

Meillä on kuusi uutta ehdokasta: Niko Eskelinen, Tiina Heikkinen, @husu78, Kirsi-Kaisa Sinisalo, Helena Marttila ja @SatuTaavitsaine.

Kaikki ehdokkaamme ovat valmiina uudistamaan Eurooppaa! 🌹

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SDP:n eurovaaliehdokkaiksi Eskelinen, Heikkinen, Hussein, Sinisalo, Marttila ja Taavitsainen | Sosialidemokraatit

SDP:n puoluehallitus on asettanut eurovaaliehdokkaiksi hyvinkääläisen Niko Eskelisen, kajaanilaisen Tiina Heikkisen, helsinkiläisen Husu Husseinin...

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