Greece to Hold Snap Elections After EU Vote – Change of the domestic political scene

In Greece, European Parliament (EP) elections were held on the same day as Regional & Municipal elections on May 26th. This resulted in a high turnout, as according to the Spectator Index board, Greece was ranked 6th, recording a 58% participation rate.

The results of both the EP elections as well as the Regional & Municipal elections, resulted in a total change of the domestic political scene. SYRIZA ruling party (left-wing) suffered a severe defeat by the current major opposition party of New Democracy (ND- right-wing). ND won the EP elections with a comfortable lead of 9,5%, the widest margin ever recorded between the two major political parties, in the nine European Elections that have been held in Greece since 1981.

Up to the moment and with 85% of the votes counted, New Democracy had garnered 33,23% (which corresponds to 7-8 seats in the European Parliament), SYRIZA 23,77% (6 seats), Movement for Change (KINAL) 7,66% (2 seats), the Greek Communist Party (KKE) 5,45% (2 seats), far-right neo-Nazi Golden Dawn (XA) 4,85% (2 seats), the newcomer right-wing party ‘’Hellenic Solution’’ 4,13% (1 seat) and the also newcomer Diem25 party of the former Minister of Finance, Mr. Yanis Varoufakis 3,02% of the vote (1 seat), according to provisional results published by the Ministry of Interior. Results may change, regarding the one seat of the Diem25 party, following the 100% counting of votes. Other parties got a combined 17,88% of the vote.

Just a few days before the elections, Prime Minister Tsipras had framed the upcoming elections as a vote of confidence in his government, his policies and himself. The results of both the EP elections, as well as the Regional & Municipal elections (ND candidates are leading the race in view of June 2nd second round) turned out to a defeat for him and SYRIZA party, leaving no other option but to call for snap national elections.

In his post-election statement, shortly before midnight of Sunday 26th, Mr. Tsipras stated that he would visit President Prokopis Pavlopoulos immediately after the second round of Regional & Municipal elections, which will take place on Sunday 2nd of June and will ask him to call for snap parliamentary elections.

A possible date for the snap national elections is June 30th or July 7th the latest, according to information we possess. SYRIZA’ mandate was originally to end in October 2019.

EPP (5 MEPs)

The list will be headed by former party leader Evangelos-Vasileios Meimarakis, who fought…

S&D (4 MEPs)

Kinal will be led by Nikos Papandreou and Eva Kaili MEP. 

ECR (1 MEPs)

The Independent Greeks party elected Mr. Notis Marias at the previous EP elections.…

GUE (6 MEPs)

Despite having elected six MEPs, SYRIZA currently has only three (Mr. Stelios Kouloglou,…


Greece has 3 far-right and 2 far-left MEPs who sit with the Non-Inscrits and are not part…

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