The Greens 

Ska Keller and Sven Giegold will head the lists for the Greens who are benefiting from the drop in popularity of the CDU and SPD and are anticipating an increase on the 11 seats they won in 2014. While the two lead candidates are not well known nationally, the party has done well in recent state elections.

The following MEPs are not standing again: Rebecca Harms, Michael Cramer, Maria Heubuch, Barbara Lochbihler, Helga Trupel.

Lower down the list in 20th place is Daniel Freund, the head of Transparency International’s office in Brussels and a key campaigner on the EU Transparency Register.

order of list ((full list here))

Pirate Party 

Julia Reda MEP is not standing again and the Pirate Party list will be headed by Patrick Breyer.

Piratenpartei Deutschland
Patrick Breyer
Gilles Bordelais
Sabine Martiny
Björn Semrau
Franz-Josef Schmitt
Alexander Spies
Gregory Engels
Frank Herrmann
Manfred Schramm