The election on 14 October saw the current 3 party government coalition of Liberals, Greens and Socialists returned to power, with a narrow majority of 31 seats out of 60. Although this was a small drop on their previous tally ( 32 seats) it was enough to keep the single largest party, the CSV (which sits with the EPP) out of power once again. The CSV lost 2 seats and recorded one of its worst results. The biggest winners were the Green Party, which gained 3 seats and who supported the continuation of the 3-party coalition rather than look for a deal with CSV. The other governing parties saw small losses, the DP of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was down one seat and the Socialist Workers Party lost three seats, continuing the downward trend for Socialist parties across Europe.

With only 6 seats to play for there are few changes likely, with the CSV certain to win 2 seats and the governing coalition parties, Socialist, Democratic party (Liberals) and Greens all due to win one seat each. The fight over the 6th seat could see a new party enter the EP, such as the ADR (Alternative Democratic Reform party who would sit with the ECR, Volt (a new pan-European party), the Pirate party, or even a 2nd seat for the Greens


Tilly Metz who replaced Claude Turmes as MEP will head the list. 


Pirate Party  Marie-Paule Dondelinger and  Starsky Flor will lead the campaign.


Charles Goerens MEP is planning to return with Monica Semedo in 2nd place . 


The Socialists list will be headed by Nicolas Schmit with Lisa Kersch in 2nd.  Maddy…


Christophe Hansen, who replaced Viviane Reding when she stood down to sit in the national…

Gëschter hunn déi 6 Lëtzebuerger Europadeputéiert op enger Pressekonferenz de Bilan vun hirer Mandatsperiod gezunn, déi am Mee op en Enn wäert goen. Dem Mady @mady_delvaux säi Communiqué fannt Dir op eiser Websäit zu den Europawahlen. Merci Mady 🌹

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