It was a good night for Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s Labor Party, which won 4 of the 6 seats available, gaining one seat from the Nationalist (EPP) party. This will see Miriam Dalli and Alfred Sant return and newcomers, Alex Saliba and Josianne Cuajar.

The Nationalists won 2 seats for Robert Metsola and David Casa, two sitting MEPs.

S&D (3 MEPs)

The Labour party has a long list of hopeful candidates, including MEPs Miriam Dalli and…

EPP (3 MEPs)

All three PN MEPs -Roberta Metsola, David Casa and Francis Zammit Dimech - have confirmed…

The Nationalist Party calls on Robert Abela to stop dragging his feet on anti-SLAPP legislation.

The PN expresses solidarity with MP @AzzopardiJason who is facing a SLAPP suit in Bulgaria over comments he made in Parliament about the owners of Satabank.

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