The Dutch voted differently than they did in the Provincial elections three months ago. Where the Liberal Party (VVD) was the largest in the past, new populist-right FVD won the elections in March, but social democrats PvdA won the European elections. The media already dubbed it the Frans Timmermans effect. It is not expected that the PvdA has returned to a winning streak, but that Timmermans had enough name recognition

Prime minister Rutte’s party VVD became the second largest party in the country. Where the VVD expected a battle between them and FVD for the first place, FVD became the fourth party, right after the Christian democratic CDA. The largest fighter for a united Europe, liberal democrats D66 were halved in these elections, after having had their best results in the existence five years ago. Anti-muslim populists PVV, known for its party leader Geert Wilders, will not be returning to the European Parliament, just as the socialist populistic SP.

Pro-European parties definitely won these elections. Then again, not a whole lot of parties in the Netherlands are anti-EU. Prior to the elections, prime minister Rutte (VVD) said he will be staying in the Netherlands and will not go to Brussels for any EU-job, despite rumours of a possible candidacy for president of the European Council.

EPP (5 MEPs)

Esther de Lange will head the CDA party list again. Sitting MEPs Jeroen Lenaers and Annie…

S&D (3 MEPs)

Frans Timmermans, the S&D Spitzenkandidat, will top the list, pushing current PvdA leader…

ECR (2 MEPs)

The new far-right populist party,  Forum for Democracy (FvD), led by Thierry Baudet,…


VVD ( 3 MEPs) Malik Azmani will head the list. He has been a MP since 2010 and is…

GUE (3 MEPs)

Denis de Jong has been SP party leader since 2009 but will not stand again in 2014 and…


Bas Eickhout will head the list for the GroenLinks. He is also a candidate to be the…

ENF (4 MEPs)

The PVV have still to announce their list. Marcel de Graaff is the current leader in the…


A new populist movement, Forum for Democracy (FvD) has said it wants to take part in the…

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