The current governing coalition took a record 208 days to form after inconclusive elections on 15 March 2017. Prime Minister Mark Rutte from the Liberal VVD heads his 3rd ruling coalition but it took nearly 7 months to negotiate. He put together a 4-party coalition with the more progressive Liberals (D66), the centre-right CDA (who sit with the EPP) and more conservative Christian Union (whose 1 MEP sits in the ECR group). This gives the government a precarious one seat majority in the fragmented 13-party parliament. Rutte had previously governed with the Labour party (PvdA) but they suffered heavy losses in the 2017 elections.

Following the departure of the 73 British MEPs, the Netherlands has gained 3 extra MEPs for the 2019 elections.

EPP (5 MEPs)

Esther de Lange will head the CDA party list again. Sitting MEPs Jeroen Lenaers and Annie…

S&D (3 MEPs)

Frans Timmermans, the S&D Spitzenkandidat, will top the list, pushing current PvdA leader…

ECR (2 MEPs)

Peter van Dalen from CristenUnie will stand again and is very likely to be re-elected.


VVD ( 3 MEPs) Malik Azmani will head the list. He has been a MP since 2010 and is…

GUE (3 MEPs)

Denis de Jong has been SP party leader since 2009 but will not stand again in 2014 and…


Bas Eickhout will head the list for the GroenLinks. He is also a candidate to be the…

ENF (4 MEPs)

The PVV have still to announce their list. Marcel de Graaff is the current leader in the…


A new populist movement, Forum for Democracy (FvD) has said it wants to take part in the…

Luistertip voor als je zo naar je werk reist: de allereerste aflevering van Pia's Podcast met Parkinsonpatiënt Henk Blanken.

Luister het prachtige gesprek over euthanasie bij mensen met dementie:

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Pia's Podcast - 'Op tijd dood' (aflevering 1)

Pia Dijkstra praat met Parkinsonpatiënt Henk Blanken over euthanasie bij mensen met dementie.

In Nederland staan we naast elkaar en niet tegenover elkaar.

Verpleegkundige Marja: "Als we elkaar meer vertrouwen, is er minder management nodig. Dan kunnen we het geld dichter bij de mens besteden." #levededoeners

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