New party


Change UK is the new pro-EU party which describes itself as the new remain alliance and seeks to pit itself against Farage’s Brexit party. It was originally founded as the Independent Group of 11 rebel Labour and Tory MPs who left their respective parties in protest at their stance on Brexit. It’s most likely home in the European Parliament would be with the centrist forces around Macron’s LREM.

Prominent names for Change UK include Stephen Dorrell (Health Secretary in the John Major government); Gavin Essler (BBC journalist); Jan-Vincent Rostowski (former Poilsh finance minister, born in the UK). The family of Boris Johnson will be represented in these elections. His father Stanely had spoken of being a Tory candidate but is not on the list, but sister Rachel will stand for ChangeUK. Former Tory MEP, Richard Ashworth, who moved to the EPP due to his party’s stance on Brexit, is also standing.

The new party declined joining forces with other Remain parties such as the Liberal Democrats and Greens . The People’s Voice campaign who want a 2nd referendum are not openly backing any party.