Non-attached members

Although Jobbik has always been known for its extremist political view and rhetoric, during the last couple of years the party has tried to rebrand itself and open up towards voters of the political centre.  However, the attempt failed when the party won only 26 seats (out of 199) at the last general elections in April 2018. Party leader Mr. Gábor Vona was so convinced of victory that he promised to resign if anyone else won the elections. Although as a consequence of their election failure, Vona resigned, it was not enough for the radical wing of the party which split from Jobbik and created a new political movement.

In addition the financial situation of Jobbik is very unstable, with a number of loans and outstanding debts.  Despite all these difficulties Jobbik will target their previous result of 3 seats but are only likely to win 1. Among their current members Ms. Morvai and Mr. Kovács will definitely not run for another term: the former lost her support of the party leadership when she openly criticized them several times, while the latter has to face charges of spying against the institutions of the EU.

Currently it seems that very small parties like Momentum, LMP or MKKP have no chance of winning a seat at all, unless they run together on a joint list.