Zivi zid – (a.k.a. Human Shield)

Current MEPs: none

  • Populist party emerged as a movement fighting against evictions of people who were indebted and unable to pay off their mortgages
  • Party strongly criticizes the Croatian monetary system, central bank and financial institutions blaming them for causing unlawful evictions of people
  • They distance themselves from the political establishment and elites, holding them responsible for Croatia’s poorly performing economy, poverty and young workforce leaving the country
  • Their strong populist opinions and statements resulted in Zivi zid being the third most popular party in Croatia in July (CroElecto: 9.55%)
  • They are the first party that openly challenges Croatia’s EU membership advocating Croatia should leave the EU

Živi zid
Tihomir Lukanić
Dolores Schauer
Dominik Vuletić
Goranka Dorotić
Branimir Bunjac
Nikolina Budimir
Ivana Delaš
Dinko Štimac
Igor Markešić
Maja Očko Šunjić
Zvonko Šegvić
Ivan Vilibor Sinčić


Neovisni za Hrvatsku – Independents for Croatia

Current MEPs: none

  • New party, founded in 2017
  • Gathers extreme right and conservative political figures such as Bruna Esih and Zlatko Hasanbegovic



Božo Petrov
Sonja Čikotić
Ivan Prskalo
Ines Strenja
Ružica Vukovac
Robert Podolnjak
Ljubica Ambrušec
Nizar Shoukri
Ivan Bekavac
Mato Tomljanović
Ivan Matić
Miro Bulj