List Jaromíra Soukupa

One of the Czech media barons, Jaromir Soukup, has decided to participate in the upcoming EP elections. Mr Soukup is a billionaire and owns media house Empresa Media and the country’s most controversial television channel TV Barrandov, where he is the TV anchor on several programmes. He has formed a new political movement “Jaromir Soukup’s Candidacy List” . Soukup announced that among the topics of his political program will be the reduction of bureaucracy, sectoral tax for banking, telecommunication and IT.

Czech Pirate Party

Czech Pirate Party has selected its leader. Unexpectedly, it will be Marcel Kolaja, who came ahead of  Mikulas Peksa.

  • Kolaja is a software specialist and currently works as a product manager in an international company that develops and supports free software. Kolaja was already on the party ballot in the elections in 2014, when the Pirates received 4.78%. His main topics are digital agenda, ICT, civil rights and consumer protection.
  • Marketa Gregorova will be second on the ballot. Her main topics are women rights, youth employment and study programs (Erasmus) as well as arms exports and autonomous weapons.
  • Mikulas Peksa will be third on the party ballot. He will focus on the support of the Schengen area, digital single market and infrastructure