The “gilets jaunes” have formed a list for the EP elections headed by one of their most visible leaders, Ingrid Levavasseur, under the name Ralliement d’initiative citoyenne (RIC). A first list of 10 names have been chosen, none of whom have represented other political parties and come from activists such as a fork-lift driver and a stay-at-home mother.  However the attempt to move the grassroots movement into a political force has come into criticism from within the movement and the campaign director and one of the candidates have already withdrawn.

A second “gilet jaune” leader, Jacline Mouraud, has created another party, Les Emergents, which again aims to do politics differently and not be a front for the left or right. So far they have targeted the local elections in 2020 and it’s not clear if they would propose candidates for the EP elections.