The far-right party Vox have been the biggest challenge to the political centre and are now polling around 12% and could win up to 7 seats. Both the ENF and ECR will be hoping to woo them into their political group and the latter invited them to an event in Brussels on 6 March. The Vox list will be headed by Jorge Buxadé Villalba, a lawyer and member of the Catalan Supreme Court and fiercely against independence. He was a member of the fascist Falange party.

Vox came to prominence with their result in Andalucia and the formation of a coalition government in that region with PP and Ciudadanos. In an effort to stop their voters moving to Vox, both the PP and Ciudadanos have taken a more tough line on issues like immigration, gender issues and Catalan independence.


1. Jorge Buxadé Villalba.
2. Mazaly Aguilar.
3. Hermann Leopold Tertsch del Valle-Lersundi
4. Margarita de la Pisa Carrión.
5. Francisco José Contreras Peláez.
6. Ángel López Maraver.
7. Andrés Porta Monedero.
8. Francisco Javier García Martín.
9. Mirta Gloria Rodríquez Acero.
10. Nerea Alzola Alvarez.
11. José Cadenas Rabaixet.
12. Julio Utrilla Cano.
13. Victor Manuel Santana Lorenzo.
14. María del Mar Cambronero Soriano.
15. Maria Begoña Conde Álvarez.
16. Juan Nigorra Cobian.
17. Jesús María López-Arenas Gonzalez.
18. Jorge Arturo Cutillas Cordón.
19. Maria Isabel Lázaro Pina.
20. María de los Llanos Massó Linares.