The governing Socialist party won with 33.4% of the vote, an emphatic victory for Prime Minister Antonio Costa and a boost to his chances of re-election when the country votes on 6 October. He looks to have increased the number of seats from 8 to 9.

The centre-right PSD came 2nd with 22% and 6 seats, the same as in 2014. Its EPP partner, the CDS kept its one seat.

The Left Bloc received 9.8% and doubled its seats to 2, with the PCP communists party also on 2 (one less than in 2014)

The Green wave also hit Portugal with the animal rights PAN party scoring a surprising 5;1% and electing its first MEP who will sit with the Greens.

Neither of the far right parties did well

EPP (8 MEPs)

Paulo Rangel will head the PSD list and Nuno Melo (PP) will stand again.

S&D (8 MEPs)

Only Carlos Zorrinho of the 8 sitting MEPs appears to have survived the cut and been…


Antonio Marinho Pinto from the Democratic Republican Party (PDR) will stand again.

GUE (4 MEPs)

Marisa Matias MEP will once again head the list for Left Block and Joao Ferreira for the…


Former BE MEP Rui Tavares joined the Greens/EFA in 2011 as in independent and then formed…

Propomos uma valorização remuneratória das carreiras da GNR e PSP.
A proposta de orçamento do estado apresentada pelo governo de António Costa é uma mão cheia de nada para as famílias e as empresas.
Será que o PS vai ser capaz de chumbar esta proposta?

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