Hungarian Socialist Party -MSZP (2 MEPs)

The two sitting MEPs István Ujhelyi and Tibor Szanyi  will stand again but the list will be headed by Bertalan Tóth, the new Chairman of the party. 

The party had their worst result since 1990 at the last general elections in April 2018. As a consequence, Mr. Gyula Molnár the chairman of the party resigned and Mr. Bertalan Tóth, a relatively unknown MP was elected chairman.  Since then, the party has continued to lose support and their future is uncertain.

MSZP is running together with PM on a joint list called the Pro-European Alliance. PM has only one MEP, Benedek Jávor, (who sits with the Greens) who is one of the most well-known politicians in his party and is very active in the EP.

Social Democrats (MSZP) + Dialogue
Bertalan Tóth
István Ujhelyi  MEP
Tibor Szanyi  MEP
Benedict Jávor MEP (Dialogue)
Tüttő Kata

Democratic Coalition (2 MEPs) split from the Hungarian Socialist Party in 2012, and are led by a former Socialist PM Mr. Ferenc Gurcsány. Their current MEPs Csaba Molnar and Peter Niedermuller focus more on the European level than domestic politics and  they are likely to stay in the EP for another term.