The Social-Democratic SPÖ have chosen former party leader and current MP Andreas Schieder to head their list and with only Evelyn Regner of the 5 sitting MEPs returning. The Social-Democrats are still adjusting to their current role as opposition party and the elections are important for the standing of new party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner

Christian Kern announced on 6 October that we will not run as the lead candidate for the Social Democrats and that he is retiring from politics altogether.  Kern had previously stated that he would lead the SPO list into the May elections and was widely tipped to also run for Spitzenkandidat for the Socialist group. Kern explained that he was quitting politics because he didn’t want to overshadow Pamela Rendi-Wagner, who replaced him as SPO leader when he stepped down in September.

Social-Democrats (SPÖ)

Andreas Schieder
Evelyn Regner MEP
Günther Sidl
Bettina Vollath
Hannes Heide
Julia Herr
Christian Dax
Stefanie Mösl
Luca Kaiser

Sitting MEPs Karin Kadenbach, Eugen Freund, Karoline Graswander-Hanz and Josef Weindeholzer are not on the list.