The PS list under Paul Magnette has been agreed, with Marie Arena in 2nd place, followed by former Senator Hassan Bousetta. Current MEP Marc Tarabella is the 1st reserve and is likely to replace Magnette, who has already stated that he doesn’t plan to take up his seat but remain in domestic politics.

  1. Paul Magnette
  2. Marie Arena
  3. Hassan Bousetta
  4. Coline Maxence,
  5. Olga Zrihen
  6. Amet Gjanaj
  7. Christelle Mathieu-Louppe
  8. Jeremy Bricq

There is no place on the list for Hugues Bayet MEP.


The Socialist VP for Sustainable Development, Kathleen Van Brempt MEP will be head of the European list for the Flemish Socialists sp.a. In 2014 she was the only MEP elected for the sp.a.