Socialdemokraterne/ Social Democrats

  • Jeppe Kofod: running as lead candidate
  • Christel Schaldemose: running as No 2
  • Ole Christensen (not running)

Jeppe Kofod was the leading candidate of the Social Democrats at the election in 2014 and was in May 2018 re-elected as leading candidate for the upcoming election. He was a former  MP in the Danish parliament.

Christel Schaldemose has been a member of EP since 2006 where she replaced Henrik Dam Kristensen. She is running for re-election in 2019 as number 2 on the social democratic list of candidates.

Social Democracy (A)

  • Jeppe Kofod (leading candidate)
  • Christel Schaldemose
  • Niels Fuglsang
  • Marianne Find
  • Morten Klessen
  • Jacob Thiemann
  • Mette Poulsen
  • Lasse Holm Grønning
  • Anders Baun Sørensen