PASOK has been transformed into a new political formation, KINAL, aspiring to form a wider coalition of progressive and new center left movements, and will be led by Nikos Papandreou, the son of Andreas Papandreou, the founder of PASOK and former PM and Eva Kaili MEP. Third on the list isGeorgios Kaminis the mayor of Athens

The River, after leaving KINAL and in light of its very poor poll results, is highly unlikely to elect any MEPs. Their 2 current MEPs, Giorgos Grammatikakis and Miltiadis Kyrkos are not standing again.

Nikos Androulakis MEP is not standing again.


Eva Kaili
Nikos Androulakis
Georgios Kaminis
Nikos Papandreou
Meni Malliori Malliori
Dimitris Rologis
Ismini Morou
Yiannis Dalmas

The River
Nikolaos Andritsos
Sotirios Vlachos
Ermela Gianna
Marina Grammatikopoulou
Othon Kaisaris